“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

I’ve recently received emails from a few anonymous persons over my argument exposing Pastor Gary Reckart illusive teachings (Pastor Gary Reckart Anti-Alleluia Revealed) on Alleluia. It appears some believe we are promoting the idea of moon god worship. What a shame. It’s obvious, most people are conformists, they won’t ask questions or study to find God’s truth, but will only embrace another person truth. Conformists are natural followers, persuade by men that seem to be trustworthy and respectable. The problem, however, is that trustworthy and respectable qualities don’t guarantee their statements or research will be true 100% of the time.  After all, the anti-Christ will appear to be trustworthy and respectable.

Furthermore, it’s only natural for those conformists to stoop to name calling and accusations, it’s merely a defense mechanism concealing the fact they won’t think for themselves. You don’t have to be Ben Carson or Nikola Tesla to recognize that the Anti-Alleluia doctrine is about as real as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The 1970’s slogan of the United Negro College Fund is in line, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

This is my proposal to the emails. I’d like for those anonymous persons to leave the intuitions of others and DO YOUR own research and write your own article on the subject. Secondly, I would like for those same anonymous persons to answer the questions I offer’s in the articles. Thirdly, you must think for yourself, no help from your spiritual adviser. This means no quotes or links to other sites.

In ending, until my proposal is met, keep your emails.

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