Destroying the Faith

     I once wrote in an article, “If men are allowed to play games with words in the bible, they will eventually destroy the faith.” Although I don’t believe the faith can completely be destroyed, people utterly suffer serious injures due to the word games.  The word game is a destructive device that attempts to dissect certain words in the bible to label them either acceptable or unacceptable.  So words like “God,” “Jesus,” “Amen,” “Hallelujah,” or “Lucifer” are deeming fit or unfit base on origins. This system is very destructive. There’s already claims that even the word “Bible” is pagan, and to make matters worse, people are claiming that the whole bible has ordinated under the hands of pagans. When will this all end?  I have more respect for those who are brave enough to declare the bible entirely false, then men that will destroy the bible one word at a time.  I hold these men responsible for strengthening the hands of our enemies and destroying innocent souls. They are so self-enriched and power hungery they’ve become murders of men over words.

     There are many words in our society that hold pagan origins. The days of the week and most of months of the year are pagan in origin. The names of the planets in our solar system and common names like “Gary”, “Donna”, “Robert”, William” and “Art” are pagan. The English language is a combination of languages with Germanic roots.  This means most of the words we speak from day to day have some pagan origin. Do people need to change their names, addresses, cities, states, or employment to fit the word game?  What about the persons driving cars named after Gods like: Mercury, Apollo, Phoenix, Odyssey, Titan or Saturn, (Greek Gods) should they sell? The American dollar bills are loaded with symbols of idols and witchcraft; do we burn them now or later?  If anyone works for the companies “NIKE”  “Amazon” or “Pandora” (Greek Gods) should they quite?  Is it safe to use “Dove soap”, it was inspired by Aphrodite the Greek Goddess?  Is it safe to chew Trident gum, it’s connected to Greek mythology? What if someone needed help with directions, would it be wrong to buy an “Atlas”?  Is it a sin to buy Ajax, or ammonia? It’s named after the Egyptian god.  What about “AMEND” or “AMERCAN”?  Should we avoid “YAH-OO”?  What about the word “victory”? Can we say it? It’s possibly wrong to be called a “mentor”, since that’s Greek mythology. It’s probably time you transfer schools if the mascot is named after Greek mythology like: Titans, Spartans, Phoenix, Trojans, or Griffons. But make sure you do your homework; most schools are under Greek myths.

   The men behind the word game never thought the idea through. If they are going to be consistence they have to dissect every word in our modern language. People with names like “Aurora” “Apollo” “Juno” “Midas” “Charon” would need to change their names. The people in other countries with names like associated with their culture must be forced to choose other name unassociated with gods. 

     In the Aztec world “Chic” has an association with the Gods. So be carful eating “CHIC-KEN”! If someone searched enough that would discovery that Aztec has many Gods with names closely related to word we use every day.   The word “Amim” means “people” in the Hebrew tongue, but in the “Aztec” world it was associated it the fish god.  The list is unending.

    This issue won’t be resolved through word search, but through understanding. Words that sound the same and even spelled the same aren’t always from the same roots. And even if they are, how can we fix the language diversity crisis?  But “If men are allowed to play games with words in the bible, they will eventually destroy the faith.”

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