Pastor Gary Reckart Anti-Alleluia Revealed

Greeting Reader

Pastor Gary Reckart, an over opinionated eccentric minister known for his arrogance and oftentimes controversial positions, publish an article further proving just how argumentative he endeavors to be with his new doctrinal position on the word “Alleluia”.  I often watch in awe as Pastor Reckart Texas Chainsaw Massacres the bible with his weak inventions of opinions, not to mention those criminal attacks against individuals that don’t see eye to eye with him.  Trivial you think? Perhaps! Insane, maybe, until you’ve read Pastor Reckart’s new article you won’t know the depth of it.

In this article I will demonstrate just how pathetic Pastor Reckart anti-Alleluia promotional meltdown really is. Pastor Reckart previously taught and held the position that the word Alleluia is a corruption and now ambitiously fueled by the thought of being the first to publish a new doctrine Pastor Reckart is now claiming not only is Alleluia is a corruption but the true interpretation of the word is “Praise Lucifer”.  As delirious as it may seem, Pastor Reckart’s chronic fear of the word Alleluia stems from his view of the word Lucifer in which he believes is now the root word of Alleluia.

Edit: Dec, 2011
(This section is edited to provide the appropriate apology to pastor Reckart. After a full investigation of the conversation over the topic Hallelujah, (whether or not pastor Reckart preached the message before the time in question) I found that I miss understood the message I had with the person in question. It wasn’t the “Yah” in Hallelujah in connection to the moon God. So this edited confirms that pastor Reckart indeed held the message before the time spoken of. However, the term was Hallellu-jesus that was the original message preached and not the Yah” in Hallelujah.  So I am extending my apology to pastor Reckart of this matter.   
This apology to pastor Reckart in strictly dealing with the misunderstood message I posted on this site. This apology in no way approves the message pastor Reckart holds on “Anti-halleluiah”, it is simply an apology for the misunderstanding I posted about “Yah” in Hallelujah was preached by a young minister before him. Instead it was the term  Hallellu-Jesus.)

The Halleluiah doctrine is hooked on phonetics (——CLICK)

Even worst, what Pastor Reckart doesn’t want HIS FOLLWERS to come to the understanding that many of Prophets, Kings and rulers over the house of Israel have names associated with the name “IAH” such as,  Nehem-iah, Uzz-iah, Isa-iah, Jerem-iah, Jos-iah, Obad-iah, Zephan-iah Shemar-iah  Abi-jah, Hezek-iah, Mica-iah, and Azar-iah.

At any rate, in the attempt to show just how unstable and dangerously outrageous this behavior can be, I will use Pastor Reckart’s anti-Alleluia theology in this article to prove the danger it holds. Music is translated in the scriptures as “Song” and the Hebrew word for “Song” is shı̂yr  shı̂yrâh. What you possibly didn’t know is the word MUSIC is long for MUSE. MUSE is found once the bible. “I muse on the work of thy hands”. (Psa 143:5) The word means to think or to mediate.

The word Rah in “Shı̂yrâh” is pronounce“ Ra‛ a” is translated  “Evil”  and “ Ra‛ a is  construed  as the Egyptian sun God, suggesting the word “SONG” mean to think on “RAH” meditating on the “Evil” or the  Egyptian sun God. This would mean according to Pastor Reckart’s theory words,  words like Naarah, Sarah, Sheerah,  Sapphira and Serah are corruptions  and ought be eliminated from both the bible and our speech and every time we sing we are  meditating on the “Evil”

It gets worse, the name Seth is a well know Egyptian God alone side the God “NUN” which happens to be the name of the father of Joshua and Joshua is also interpreted Jesus.  This would mean according to Pastor Reckart’s theory of play on words, Jesus father is NUN the Egyptian God. It is also understood from Nun (Nu) that Ra created himself, Nun was thought to be the father of Ra, who was known as the father of the gods. Ra created evil this in turn is where Seth originated. Seth is the God of Chaos.

Now, if you’re still following the Reckart theory you should understand this, the prophet Isaiah confesses that GOD created “EVIL” or “RA”. This can only mean when we take into consideration Pastor Reckart’s doctrine that “NUN” the father of Jesus (who we know as God) created himself “OUT” of “RA” or “EVIL” and so “EVIL” is the father Jesus the origin Seth the God of Chaos and every living substance. The Pastor Reckart methodology is as tiresome as Minister Louis Farrakhan sermon on the number 19 and only works when it is convenient for its creator. However, if you found yourself asking : What are you talking about? Shhhhh! This is the Reckart’s way, ask no questions.

The truth is however, in every language there are word relations called homonym closely related in sound but far from one another in meaning. Sometimes these words can have the same spelling and pronunciation and yet have two totally different meanings. For example, in the Hebrew language the word “Anger” is pronounced “’Aph”. “’Aph” pronunciation is also how you would say the conjunction “Also” “Furthermore” and “Indeed”, but it is clearly understood that these words are readily determine in the sentence at the time they are used.


Hebrew Homonym


  • “Bâlaq”  =   to lay waste
  • “Bâlâq” =  “devastator”
  • Belô = tribute
  • Belô’ = worn out things, rags
  • Tamrûr =bitterness
  • Tamrûr = guidepost, markers
  • Tâm = complete, perfect
  • Tâm = there
  • Tôr = dove
  • Tôr = circlet, plait
  • Tâvâh = scrabble, limit, mark, make or set a mark
  • Tâvâh = to pain, wound, trouble, cause pain
  • Têbêl  = World
  • Tebel = confusion
  • Shethı̂y = a drinking
  • Shethı̂y = warp, woven material
  • Shêth = Seth Adam son
  • Shêth = Six
  • Shêth = seat of body, buttocks

As a matter of opinion, Pastor Reckart will deliberately create falsehood if it meant two things, if the false doctrine he created will destroy a particular doctrine he is fighting at the time, and second, if he will be glorified. Anyone with the slightest decency of truth will understand the falsehood behind the Anti- Hallelujah doctrine. Once we allow men to play with words like this, they will eventually destroy everything we believe in their root word scrutinizing.


35 thoughts on “Pastor Gary Reckart Anti-Alleluia Revealed

  1. Etymology is the study of the true meaning of words. Accuracy is vital to properly define the meaning of words. If one is not careful they can end up inventing false doctrines by not properly defining words. I thank God for gifting me in this area to search out the true meaning of words. It is not something that everyone is gifted in because it takes more than the ability to open up a Hebrew or Greek Lexicon. Anyone could do that. It takes a skillful person to be able to provide accurate information of the meaning of words.

    When I first read Pastor Reckart’s article about Alleluia meaning Praise Lucifer, I caught the inaccuracy of his doctrine. It is a play of words. Someone who is not skillful could easily miss his switch of words. He said that Hallel comes from the root word Heylel (Lucifer in Hebrew) and when someone says Alleluia they are saying “Allelu” (praise) “ia” (Lucifer). If Hallelu means Lucifer then according to Pastor Reckart’s etymology (really pseudology) Alleluia would mean “Lucifer Lucifer” and not praise Lucifer. If Allelu or Hallelu means Lucifer then stop saying it means praise. Let me break this down a little more simpler just in case this is not clear enough.

    Pastor Reckart’s definition of Alleluia

    Allelu = praise
    ia = Lucifer

    Do you see how he switched back the meaning of the word HALLELU to mean PRAISE, and then switched the definition iah or Yah to mean Lucifer? The switch of definitions was so fast I had to slow it down for you to see it. Hallelu means “You praise” and at the end of the day Pastor Reckart has to admit it whether he wants to or not. If Hallelu means Lucifer then he needs to stop saying Hallelu-Jesus because according to his definition of Hallelu, Hallelu-Jesus would mean “Lucifer Jesus.” What madness, what foolishness!

    I am really careful when it comes to defining the meaning of words. Inaccuracy is very dangerous.

      1. You too huh? Then please tell me how do you say Isaiah, Obadiah, Jeremiah, or the other prophets with names that end in “Iah”? What do you call them? I bet in your mind it’s a sin to say “Yahoo”, right? I personal know a lady name Aliyah, but I guess I would have to change her name to Ali-Jesus to suit you. The doctrine you hold has more holes the Swiss cheeses, too bad you can’t see it or small it odor.

  2. Hallelu meaning Lucifer is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. Anyone dumb enough to believe that is an idiot. Pastor Reckart previously taught his followers to say HALLELU-Jesus instead of saying HALLELU-yah. According to his own research he would then have to recant the new phrase HALLELU-Jesus he taught his disciples because to him that would be translated as HEYLEL-Jesus (Lucifer Jesus). In the midst of starting a new doctrine he ended up burning down his own bridge.

    Hallelu DOES NOT mean Lucifer like Pastor Reckart is erroneously twisting it to mean. That is poor scholarship and poor etymology at its best. Hallelu means “You praise” in Hebrew. He even proves that Hallelu means praise in his article. Pastor Reckart said, “Begin to teach others these words CAN MEAN PRAISE TO LUCIFER.” Now why would he say that if he says that Hallelu does not mean praise? Also, notice he said “can mean” instead of being certain and direct that this is what it actually means.

    Don’t be blown around by this new wind of doctrine that was fabricated to support his rejection of the word Alleluia. Pastor Reckart would not have invented this new doctrine on the word Hallelu if Alleluia was spelled Allelu-ie or Hallelu-yeh like he previously taught. In my honest opinion this is all a result of Pastor Reckart’s debates with the Yahwist. I am not a sacred namer into all the fake Hebrew guess names but I just don’t believe in making up false information like this just to try to prove them wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    1. Ahahahahha :Like that will ever happen. I have known this deeply troubled and unstable man for years. His railings against everyone and everything always end up with him disfellowshipping and then like a bloodhound hounding these people online with taunts and accusations and his WALL OF SHAME. I pray that those who find themselves in his “BAD GRACES” realize that it is actually an honour and not a thing to be worried about.

  3. Hi Mr. Clark,

    I don’t think it’s good for a single person to comments on somebodies work without proving to him that he’s really erroneous on his doctrine. because i can compare this kind of thing on a dog barking on the moon. you know, you maybe right from your point of view, but i can not conclude that you are right, not unless you say that to Pastor Reckart’s face. i see a lot of hate in you mr. Clark, so if your man enough, ( i believed you both lived in America) why don’t you settle this issue, why don’t you challenge him for a debate, or a rebuttal talk,that if you’re man enough to face Mr.Reckart. and if you do so, please publish the result on your website for us to know the outcome. we would be very happy if you would challenged him, maybe this will erase all our doubt here. ty

    1. Dear TY,
      I appreciate the time and effort you took to stop by “The Still Small Voice”. First you should know, I’ve actually known Pastor Gary Reckart personally for a number of years. I know his wife, his children, where he lives, and where he worship. Secondly, my article is not a personal attack against Pastor Gary Reckart, I simply don’t agree with his position on this particular doctrine and this is often taken as hate by those that follow him. Well do you hate me because I don’t stand with you? If your answer is no, I deserve the same opportunity to answer before being accused.
      Furthermore, this isn’t a matter of being man enough to debate, but man enough to admit when we’re wrong. I’m willing, but I’m not so sure about Pastor Reckart. I will discuss this issue with Pastor, but I don’t think he is a man of reason since he prides himself to be the teacher and only a teacher so he can’t be corrected. In ending I do appreciate your efforts to follower Pastor Reckart. He not a bad man, I just don’t agree with some of his teaching and some of his methods. Nothing personal.

      Talk to you soon.

    2. For the record, I am new to this site, but was brought here in reference to one Pastor Gary Reckart?

      If this is the same guy

      than you don’t have to worry about anyone challenging him to a debate, because he won’t debate.

      Scroll to the bottom of the above links and you’ll see my challenge to him.

      This Pastor Reckart is a coward who hides behind a computer!

  4. By the same rule of thumb you would equally have to apply this same rule to Pastor Reckart too. If you are man enough. Just about everyone that follows Pastor Reckart’s ministry thinks that everyone that questions his teachings are all of a sudden haters. This is a reverse psychology tactic that Pastor Reckart started so his followers could call those that disagree with him haters. Do I hate Pastor Reckart? No, I don’t. Do I hate some of the doctrines that he teaches? Yes I do. And to clarify why I hate some of the doctrines that he teaches, the reason is because they are not biblical and they are not accurate information.

    Challenging Pastor Reckart to a debate is worthless and a waste of time. You obviously don’t know Pastor Reckart on the same level that we know him. Pastor Reckart will never engage in a debate on this subject. This is one debate that he will never win because it is too easy to prove wrong. Even if he does engage in a debate on this subject he will never engage in a fair debate without character assassinating anyone that opposes his opinion and writing spiritual death threats to “his enemies.” If you think it is wrong for anyone to criticize Pastor Reckart’s work, it was already proven online that he really is in error on his new interpretation of the word “Hallelu” meaning Lucifer.

    By the way, what is your name?

  5. Challenging Pastor Reckart on his new doctrine on the definition of the word Hallelu would be like discussing the errors of the heresy known as Alogianism with an Alogian. Know what I mean, Mr. Swordbearer?

  6. Everywhere on the web are sites such as this one crated for no reason except to slander another person.
    The one who wrote this article does think he is correct. But it would be good very good if he did as Christ taught.
    There are people who know these kind of blogs are not helpful or beneficial they only serve to destroy.
    God help you to see how wrong you are.

    1. Let me guess, you’re a Rechart follower. It’s amazing how people such as yourself can read one brothers blog and call it a blessing and with the same mouth call and another brother blog worthless. I can almost guarantee, you didn’t even read the article, the moment you saw Pastor Rechart name you became offend and tune out. I really would like to know, why can’t this man be questioned? How come he is able to call names and point-out wrong and its call fighting for the faith, but everyone else that disagrees with him are called rebellious? There is surely something wrong with this picture.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for the comment. You have the right to you’re opinion. May the peace of the LORD Jesus shine upon you.

    2. Susanna, why do you keep coming to this site ? If don’t agree with the things posted here, just stay away. You’re calling me a fool but, your not even using your real name Susana Olguin. Really? Or maybe that’s not even your real name either.

  7. I am sure that people know that the word Isa-iah broken down means God Saves. iah, in English pronunciation, is yah, which is short form of Yahweh, or YHVH, which is God. This is Hebrew. Now, in the New Testament, there is no Greek word for Yahweh, or YHVH, so, YHVH is simply translated as Lord. Halleluiah is Praise the Lord, or properly, Praise Yahweh (YHVH).

    My question, How do we get moon god out of this? How do we get Lucifer out of this?

    Ed Chapman

  8. 1 Corinthians 1:10

    Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.

    God bless you brothers of USA


  9. Alleluia. I don’t care what anyone thinks, I am not ashamed to say Alleluia because it is in the Bible. I am not moved by every wind of doctrine that blows around from Independent Apostolic pastors that have to come up with something new to be THE FIRST apostolic pastor “in modern times” to help their self esteem and ego problems. If someone doesn’t want to say Alleluia, that’s their choice, no one is trying to make anyone say Alleluia. But to say someone is sinning or praising a ‘moon god’ by saying Alleluia is a lie from an open sepulcher.

  10. I doubt if Dr. Reckart really is a doctor for failing to present his dissertation paper regarding the subject “Anti-hallelujah”. He never had shown any single reference, a true researcher should observed. The way he presents it proved his unscholarly method. His thought actually only favors the Kabbalah of which most scholars identified it as heretical and anti-ethical to Judaism.

    1. Most people don’t understand how important sound references and citations are, claiming “hallelujah” is worshipping of the moon god just because you say it, is useless without prove. Sounds good thought.

  11. Spanish-English translated message.

    Bible same test if a word was grafted falsely


    Jehovah is false
    tetragrammaton is false

    Exodus 6:3
    King James Version (KJV)
    And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name Jehovah was I not known to them.

    The investigation continues.

    Jehovah and Yahweh false, then everything that surrounds this word is false

    The day of burning, the smoke will look

    when the great tribulation comes, and let us see with our eyes, the signals and the antichrist then say: ho! this old (Reckart) was right.

    Jeremiah 6:16
    King James Version (KJV)
    Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.


    Colombia, IPUC

  12. Pastor Gary. Father God is the judge alone. So u have never sinned. Focus on your own salvation. God bless.

  13. just go ahead bro you can judge in a righteous way according to the Bible he he , the group of reckart’s are wrecking havoc here in the Philippines for spreading the anti halleluia and anti TETRAGRAMATION attack…. thank you for your articles that you’ve made here, i shared these in several fb sites which reckarts disciples posting their anti Halleluiah attack. Again thank you and God will bless & take care you always bro…

    1. Willy E. Namuco,

      Hi Willy, I’ve been the the P.I. numerous times back in the 80’s as a US Sailor.  I didn’t know that Reckart had such an influence there.  I learned of Reckart based on this blog.  It was strange to me that anyone would have an issue with that word, aka Praise the Lord in English.

      I know this is off topic, but does the Iglesia Ni Cristo still have a major hold on things in the P.I.?  Strange doctrines there as well.


    1. Kevin, your opinions are welcome. The internet is filled with them so have your way at it. If you have the right to feel justified while calling me an idiot; why does it bother you if I have my own opinion about a subject or some person? Sounds hypocritical in my opinion.

  14. ” Paster” Rechart. Its sad to see someone, calling themselves a pastor, badmouthing the prophet of God. The very Voice of God in the Laodicean church age. You do realise that you sinned against the Holy Spirit? You realise that you wont be forgiven? I am speechless. Brother Branham served the Lord his whole life. Every word he preached, was Gods breath. Every single word. You called Jesus Christ a lier when you bad mothed Brother Branham. I expect a hostile reply from you, so please don’t bother. I cant even pray for you, because your sin wont, cant be forgiven. So sad.

    1. Gerhard, listen, I don’t mind your opinion to disagree with my evaluation of the Anti-Alleluia doctrine. Be assured, as you judge so will the LORD judge you. If you read my article in its entirety I only question the doctrine, not whether Pastor Gary is saved or not. As believers in the Lord Jesus, it’s our duty and right to “TEST” doctrine.

      “Beloved, do not believe every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

      It is also written in your bible “Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge.” There are a couple of important facts here.

      First, Prophets must agree. Second, prophecy must be judged. Believers aren’t supposed to believe just because the pastor said so. Instead, believers must prove all things and this means to judge.

      In many doctrines, Pastor Gary has proven to be sound and in accord with the prophets and the apostles. I applaud him for this. However, the Anti-Alleluia doctrine is not sound. And I can indeed judge this doctrine by scripture without condemnation. Haven’t you read in your bible how “The Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true?

      Is Gary, better than Paul? And the Berean Jews were they sinners for judging Paul words? were they sins beyond forgiveness? Why does the Bible call them noble?

      Did Paul refuse to pray for those noble men because they tested his doctrine with scriptures?

      Obviously, you’re a new disciple of Pastor Gary and that’s cool. However, my advice to you, don’t let any take away your power to judge truth. Don’t believe just because a title is given. And brother there is nothing hostile about this reply.

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