Pastor Gary Reckart Anti-Alleluia Revealed

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Pastor Gary Reckart, an over opinionated eccentric minister known for his arrogance and oftentimes controversial positions, publish an article further proving just how argumentative he endeavors to be with his new doctrinal position on the word “Alleluia”.  I often watch in awe as Pastor Reckart Texas Chainsaw Massacres the bible with his weak inventions of opinions, not to mention those criminal attacks against individuals that don’t see eye to eye with him.  Trivial you think? Perhaps! Insane, maybe, until you’ve read Pastor Reckart’s new article you won’t know the depth of it.

In this article I will demonstrate just how pathetic Pastor Reckart anti-Alleluia promotional meltdown really is. Pastor Reckart previously taught and held the position that the word Alleluia is a corruption and now ambitiously fueled by the thought of being the first to publish a new doctrine Pastor Reckart is now claiming not only is Alleluia is a corruption but the true interpretation of the word is “Praise Lucifer”.  As delirious as it may seem, Pastor Reckart’s chronic fear of the word Alleluia stems from his view of the word Lucifer in which he believes is now the root word of Alleluia.

Edit: Dec, 2011
(This section is edited to provide the appropriate apology to pastor Reckart. After a full investigation of the conversation over the topic Hallelujah, (whether or not pastor Reckart preached the message before the time in question) I found that I miss understood the message I had with the person in question. It wasn’t the “Yah” in Hallelujah in connection to the moon God. So this edited confirms that pastor Reckart indeed held the message before the time spoken of. However, the term was Hallellu-jesus that was the original message preached and not the Yah” in Hallelujah.  So I am extending my apology to pastor Reckart of this matter.   
This apology to pastor Reckart in strictly dealing with the misunderstood message I posted on this site. This apology in no way approves the message pastor Reckart holds on “Anti-halleluiah”, it is simply an apology for the misunderstanding I posted about “Yah” in Hallelujah was preached by a young minister before him. Instead it was the term  Hallellu-Jesus.)

The Halleluiah doctrine is hooked on phonetics (——CLICK)

Even worst, what Pastor Reckart doesn’t want HIS FOLLWERS to come to the understanding that many of Prophets, Kings and rulers over the house of Israel have names associated with the name “IAH” such as,  Nehem-iah, Uzz-iah, Isa-iah, Jerem-iah, Jos-iah, Obad-iah, Zephan-iah Shemar-iah  Abi-jah, Hezek-iah, Mica-iah, and Azar-iah.

At any rate, in the attempt to show just how unstable and dangerously outrageous this behavior can be, I will use Pastor Reckart’s anti-Alleluia theology in this article to prove the danger it holds. Music is translated in the scriptures as “Song” and the Hebrew word for “Song” is shı̂yr  shı̂yrâh. What you possibly didn’t know is the word MUSIC is long for MUSE. MUSE is found once the bible. “I muse on the work of thy hands”. (Psa 143:5) The word means to think or to mediate.

The word Rah in “Shı̂yrâh” is pronounce“ Ra‛ a” is translated  “Evil”  and “ Ra‛ a is  construed  as the Egyptian sun God, suggesting the word “SONG” mean to think on “RAH” meditating on the “Evil” or the  Egyptian sun God. This would mean according to Pastor Reckart’s theory words,  words like Naarah, Sarah, Sheerah,  Sapphira and Serah are corruptions  and ought be eliminated from both the bible and our speech and every time we sing we are  meditating on the “Evil”

It gets worse, the name Seth is a well know Egyptian God alone side the God “NUN” which happens to be the name of the father of Joshua and Joshua is also interpreted Jesus.  This would mean according to Pastor Reckart’s theory of play on words, Jesus father is NUN the Egyptian God. It is also understood from Nun (Nu) that Ra created himself, Nun was thought to be the father of Ra, who was known as the father of the gods. Ra created evil this in turn is where Seth originated. Seth is the God of Chaos.

Now, if you’re still following the Reckart theory you should understand this, the prophet Isaiah confesses that GOD created “EVIL” or “RA”. This can only mean when we take into consideration Pastor Reckart’s doctrine that “NUN” the father of Jesus (who we know as God) created himself “OUT” of “RA” or “EVIL” and so “EVIL” is the father Jesus the origin Seth the God of Chaos and every living substance. The Pastor Reckart methodology is as tiresome as Minister Louis Farrakhan sermon on the number 19 and only works when it is convenient for its creator. However, if you found yourself asking : What are you talking about? Shhhhh! This is the Reckart’s way, ask no questions.

The truth is however, in every language there are word relations called homonym closely related in sound but far from one another in meaning. Sometimes these words can have the same spelling and pronunciation and yet have two totally different meanings. For example, in the Hebrew language the word “Anger” is pronounced “’Aph”. “’Aph” pronunciation is also how you would say the conjunction “Also” “Furthermore” and “Indeed”, but it is clearly understood that these words are readily determine in the sentence at the time they are used.


Hebrew Homonym


  • “Bâlaq”  =   to lay waste
  • “Bâlâq” =  “devastator”
  • Belô = tribute
  • Belô’ = worn out things, rags
  • Tamrûr =bitterness
  • Tamrûr = guidepost, markers
  • Tâm = complete, perfect
  • Tâm = there
  • Tôr = dove
  • Tôr = circlet, plait
  • Tâvâh = scrabble, limit, mark, make or set a mark
  • Tâvâh = to pain, wound, trouble, cause pain
  • Têbêl  = World
  • Tebel = confusion
  • Shethı̂y = a drinking
  • Shethı̂y = warp, woven material
  • Shêth = Seth Adam son
  • Shêth = Six
  • Shêth = seat of body, buttocks

As a matter of opinion, Pastor Reckart will deliberately create falsehood if it meant two things, if the false doctrine he created will destroy a particular doctrine he is fighting at the time, and second, if he will be glorified. Anyone with the slightest decency of truth will understand the falsehood behind the Anti- Hallelujah doctrine. Once we allow men to play with words like this, they will eventually destroy everything we believe in their root word scrutinizing.