William Price the Suicide Bomber gone wrong.

Suicide bombers are known for their unwavering loyalty to the jihad. Although I don’t agree with their methods, the steady and firm mind of the suicide bombers to accomplish their own acceptance of truth will always gain respect from spectators. Now the whole purpose behind the actions of a suicide bomber is to “attack and kill others and inflict widespread damage, in which the attacker expects or intends to die in the process.”

However, how funny would it be to actually watch the development of the perfect Suicide Bomber. Seriously, how many Suicide Bomber failed in preparation. Oh, another one bite the dust, literally. Hilarious right? Well not as amusing as William Price the Suicide Bomber gone wrong.  I have more respect for Suicide bombers dedication to jihad then the wavering unstable William Price. At least a real Suicide Bomber is wholeheartedly devoted to death for what he believes. Price is dedicated to nothing.

For this cause I call him the Suicide Bomber gone wrong.  Price is the kind of armed Suicide Bomber that would trip over his untied shoelaces and land on the detonator. He’s the kind of Suicide Bomber that would leave home with a trunk full of explosives only to end up back at his own driveway. William Price is the compassionate Suicide Bomber who recognizes the error of his ways strips himself of the explosive vest to warn his enemies of the impending danger, then turns arm again himself with the same vest he took off. William Price is the type of  Suicide Bomber that would run into crowded public area with a detonator in hand and the explosives still at home. He’s the type of suicide bomber hold a bazooka backwards. Price is the kind of auto Suicide Bomber with 10 mins left until detonation and runs out of gas half way to his target.

Evidently, just as every other religious group the Taliban finally rejects him. In rage over another failure, Price ordains himself  a Minster of  chaos predictable and predestined for self cataclysm. How many more shameful and disgraceful roads will this unstable young  novice of all faith drive to hell? Absent of dignity, integrity, character and self worth the maniac is obsessively determine to go to hell headlong.

As you should have expected Price anxiety set in again, and feeling disconnected from reality of the falsehood he leave the truth. I notice his blog breaking out in a cold sweat of falsehood so I can’t say I didn’t see coming. Here is Price latest quote

“I say this to my own shame, as much as anything else. I have not lived as who I am. I should not have:

Left the Reformed Baptist Church.
Tried to go back to Pentecostalism.
Tried to be a Pentecostal minister.
Listened to all those who had their own agenda.”
-William Price 6/6/2010

Price own words will judge him “I say this to my own shame”. This guy has no dignity at all and as far as I’m concern he is nothing more then a religious brown-nose, a people pleasure at worst.

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One thought on “William Price the Suicide Bomber gone wrong.

  1. What can you say except “OH NO! NOT AGAINNNNNNNN!!!”??? Poor guy, as unstable as they come. I am amazed that it is possible for a man to be this absolutely unable to stand for what he professes to believe, then doesn’t,then does again, then doesn’t, then does again, then doesn’t ad infinitum. I have never actually witnessed anything like this outside of someone who was genuinely mentally ill. You really have to wonder (wether you are a Calvinist or a Trinitarian or a Pentecostal Or Oneness) what is WRONG with this poor guy.

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