Christians and SEX, does anything go?

I’ve reaped all sort of criticism over the years for sowing truth about the marriage bed relationship. I’ve said it once and I’ll continue to publish this truth “Not all things are permissible in the marriage bed”. Of course like any other truth, there are those that reject this truth steering people to abandon holiness for lust under the cover of marriage. However the truth will always fight firmly and prevail over the teachings in the churches promoting homosexuals behaviors and sadomasochism under the cloak of marriage. I won’t be so insensitive to label these acts’ names by name. But I’ve taken the stance for the truth crying loud proclaiming that holiness fights against these acts and no one can hide behind their marriage bedroom door. Holiness doesn’t stop outside the door of the marriage bedroom and unrighteous isn’t turned in righteousness in the marriage bed. Holiness is a rule that covers the entire life of all believers calling us to a higher standard of living and it’s about time the marriage bed aligns with God’s higher standard.

We know there’s no sin in getting married, no more than it is a sin to own a computer. However getting married or owning a computer isn’t what is called into question here. Although it is lawful for Christians to have a computer there is still a need to govern our souls in holiness when surfing the internet. In like manner we must guard the sacredness of sexual intimacy between wife and husband by not entering into unlawful sex acts in the marriage bed. Therefore this article will expose sodomy, sadomasochism, masochism, pornography and self-sex as unnatural behaviors for those claiming to be followers of the Messiah.


Furthermore, for those who will claim this article is inappropriate and too graphic for the innocent children. I will express this; if a child is mature enough to read this article it’s already too late they’re already savvy on adult education. In fact doing the mid 80’s adult education was being taught to students as early as sixth grade, and from what I’ve heard lately schools are now teaching adult education as early as second grade. Therefore for anyone to deem an article such as this article inappropriate isn’t really savvy on children’s education. Today, 9 out of 10 cartoons including those so called innocent Disney movies promotes sexual activity, whether it’s through kissing, touching or looking, unfortunately, kids are being educated through the media about lust and sex. However, it always troubles me when a Minister preaches on sex and people respond in angry. Yet these same people will send their children to school or sit them in front of a television or a computer to be taught the wrong way about sex. The church is the best place to learn about sex the correct way. In fact, Moses by the commandment of God taught the all the people both fathers, mothers and children about sexual sins.

Sodomy is a term used in sodomy law for various forbidden sex acts

  • Sodomy is sometimes used to describe the specific act of homosexual sex
  • Sodomy is a general word for sexual acts perceived to be “unnatural”, which may include some or more of homosexual sex, oral, and bestiality.

Sodomy is sex with a member of the same or opposite sex or with an animal. Sodomy is Sodomy. Sodomy doesn’t become naturally right because the couple is married. Sodomy is an unnatural behavior in or out of marriage. It is unnatural to have sex with an animal. It is unnatural to have sex with a member of the same sex and equally unnatural for a married couple to have sex in the same manner homosexuals do under the covers of marriage. If it is truly wrong for homosexual males or females to have sex in the manner they do, it is equally wrong for a married couple to have sex in the manner two homosexual men/women would as well. These acts are defined as sodomy and sodomy is condemned in the scriptures.

Sadomasochism is defined as sexual pleasure in the infliction of pain or humiliation upon another person, while masochism refers to pleasure from receiving the pain. Sadomasochism and Masochism are unnatural acts and is linked clinically to mental illness. When reviewing the subject and it’s definition I’m astonished to know that there are people confessing holiness that will dare rebuttal the facts presented. A Christian man is not allowed biblically to physically abuse his spouse, however in the mist of passion and because she desires it what then being unbiblical to do is now biblical. Acts of violence in the name of marriage are unacceptable, whips, chains, handcuff, dolls, toys, and all other accessories fall under Sadomasochism and Masochism. These acts are unholy and should be abandoned by all Christians.

Pornography or porn is the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual excitement. Any of a variety of media, ranging from books, magazines, postcards, photos, sculpture, drawing, painting, animation, sound recording, film, video, and video games. Porn is wrong in or outside of marriage. It is ungodliness to watch sexual activities for personal or marriageable pleasure.

Self-Sex is a sexual act cause by touching, rubbing ones on body parts for the purpose of sexual enjoyment. Self-Sex is undoubtedly linked to pornography and pornography is a sexual sin. Self sex is lust and lust is sin and sin is death and every lust wars against the spirit. Wherefore, it is needful to abstain from all these things and walk as virgins in a blameless and pure conscience.

In ending any and everything isn’t permissible in the wedding bed. Marriage is honorable and the wedding bed should remain pure at all times. “Be not deceived: neither adulterers, nor effeminate persons, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor fornicators, nor revilers, nor drunkards, nor thieves, can inherit the kingdom of God.”


4 thoughts on “Christians and SEX, does anything go?

  1. This is a good article filled with straight truth. It is almost unheard of by any Acts 2:38 believing ministries to even dare to touch the surface on this subject. God demands holiness even in the married couple’s bedroom. There are many people in the Church that are ignorant of how to keep their marriage bed clean. Satan had all the time he needed to educate sinners how to fornicate, commit adultery, become homosexuals, bisexuals, bestiality, incest, watch pornography, and commit all kinds of sexual sins. Why wouldn’t a real man of God want to touch on this subject to renew the minds of God’s people? The only way to stop the disease of sexual sins from spreading is to identify the disease, and then fight against it with the cure called TRUTH!

  2. There is ole song that says “Sinner, can’t hide”. Well unholiness can’t hide behind the marriage bedroom door. Be ye holy, in “ALL” (marriage bed activity!) manner of your Lifestyle. Because he that has called you is holy in every way.

  3. When we entered into our marriage covenant with Jesus (i.e. when we were baptized in Jesus’ name), did Christ, our husband, all of a sudden begin performing unholy acts upon us? God forbid! So then how can a married couple, who claims to be representing the marriage covenant between Christ and the church begin committing ungodly acts upon one another? Christ dwells in the high and holy place, both before we are married to him and after. And so we are to dwell in holiness, married, or unmarried.

    1. You may be surprised to know that there’s people out there confessing salvation by Jesus and handing out sexual video as a means of education for younger couples.

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