William Price, Staring as The Trinity!

I wrote extensively on the seventeen years on William’s dramatic flip flopping behaviors and sadly enough, once again, Price flips once more leaving another faith he claimed God sent him to. Perhaps others will be delighted to know Price has returned to what is known as the apostolic faith. But I’m not! I’m sincerely fed up with his behavior, his mockeries, and the embarrassment he has caused to the most holy faith. I seriously doubt William Price has ever been saved for real, and if he was he isn’t saved now. Cruel you think? No less cruel then Price repeated blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. No less cruel and embarrassing as hearing Price call stable men in the faith heretics and liars. No less cruel and reprobated as Price article on speaking in tongues mocking the move of God calling it demonic. No less cruel then Price murder of the Godhead every time he embraced Trinitarianism, and no less cruelty then Price villainous behavior over the last 7 years I’ve known him.

In that time William Price has been approached by men like Pastor Reckart, Elder Johnson, Pastor Wheeler, Evangelist Hood, Pastor Bourn, Deacon Charlie, Pastor Winter, Pastor Dotson, Elder Weatherly, Elder Sparks, and many others in the faith including myself. Although I may or may not endorse everything these ministers represent, they all symbolize a stand for the foundational structural of salvation in which William Price has proudly and repeatedly called heresy.

This entire group of ministers has attempted to guide Price in the right direction either by physical contact, phone, emails or forums, they all have had some sort of hands on experience with William Price rebellious actions. However to no avail, none of them were able to successfully bring this wondering wild goat to stability. What does this say about William? Quite frankly, scripturally he’s a bustard. He will not submit to correction. I personally will no longer permit the serial heretic to play the cool off game of repentance between his blasphemies. My objective here is to send this miry dung beetle straight to hell. Therefore either he will truly repent and become stable, or go to hell.

Price, the secret agent, employed by Lucifer cunningly obtaining information that we hold sacred and confidential just to single-handedly mutilate the truth by giving it too our enemies. This is treason at its greatest. I will no longer tolerate Price sadistic rapist spree of the truth. He must be noted as one of the most horrific serial spiritual criminals of our times. The scripture gives us the byway to reject a heretic after one or two rebukes; this commandment is seriously and outstandingly overdue with Price.

Price is a treasonous spiritual suicidal Nazi which assumedly thinks his corrupted totalitarianism deeds will somehow resort in everlasting life. But he will be judged. William Price has abused the apostolic culture by causing many outsiders to blaspheme the truth through his hyper-rebellious behavior. I’m not moved at all just because he wrote an article in support of holiness he’s a master confusionist ordained of hell and reserved for hell. Price is like a foolish woman that tare down her own house with her own hands, he is like an ostrich that lays her egg only to trample them under her feet. So it won’t be long before he will turn and reject everything he supports now to build another house of hell fire. It won’t be long before he repents for repenting to further blaspheme God’s name.


9 thoughts on “William Price, Staring as The Trinity!

  1. Good article brother.took the words out of my moth.he repents to those he slandered when he leaves the faith,he comes back as if everything is ok no shame no repentance.

  2. Gcorrection. Good article Brother>Took the words out of my mouth.He never repents to those he slandered when he leaves the faith,Then he comes back as if every thing is ok?he has no shame or repentence always the victim

  3. Praise God, brother Clark. I pray all is well with you and your house. I too have grown tired of Price’s foolish, childish, treasonous behavior. When I was in the military, treason carried the penalty of death. It still does actually and you don’t have to be in the military to be put to death for treason.

    Let him be noted and be done with. His actions will most likely always been the same. This has gone on for far too long. Either he truly repents (which is far-fetched concerning his history) or be damned. I pray that it is the former and not the latter. Price, when will you end your games. I’m sure the baptists, calvnists, preterists, etc are just as tired of them as we are.

    Peace be unto you Bro. Clark in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  4. Here is an old article by Pastor Dotson on William Price back on 09

    Well as I said just a little while ago the William Price ship still circles the same path he’s been on ever since I’ve know him!

    Everyone who knows William Price knows it won’t be long until he finds another false way and sails down that path only to find out he is bored with it too.

    James wrote about men like William Price, “…For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.
    Jas 1:7 For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.
    Jas 1:8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

    There have always been people like William Price; but that doesn’t weaken the Church: for the Church is made up of FAITHFUL followers of Jesus! Not Trinity one day, two gods the next, Calvin followers one day and then Pope followers the next, Matt Slick one day and then the Catholic Bishops of Texas the next day! William Price denied the Only True Lord and Savior: JESUS; then turns around and proclaims Jesus is Lord! We know how everyone feels who knows him is, but what about those he has witnessed to on his job? What about his family? What about those who have watched his life and seen it is a constant life of riding one wave of religion after another till they say I don’t want anything to do with religion. This kind of testimony turns people away from church, keeps them from the truth, and gives them the opportunity to make fun of living for God. This kind of testimony makes jokes about finding the truth and knowing who Jesus is.

    William Price has had is opportunity to stand for the true gospel, but he has rejected the truth and chosen his own way. Now he wants to weasel his way back into the perfect way of salvation, but it won’t be long before he is offended because of his wavering actions on doctrine that he will go back to the Pope of Rome and wallow in her mire of filth; then leave her again to go the the Pretist lying camp only to leave them and find the damable heresy of Calvin, Luther, Slick etc….

    But wait William Price; there are others who are crying that they have been slighted by your actions, and they would like for you to sail by their camp to see if you can find the truth there so you can add their stickers to you religious camper of false doctrine:
    Jehovah Witness
    Serpent Seed Devils

    Well the list goes on and so does Price! Like a dog chasing his tail, Price’s ship continues to sail in circles looking for the truth, yet he never is satifisfied with the truth, but still scratching his head wondering why no one takes him serious!

    What ever you do, don’t take William Price serious, he’s like a comet, he’ll come back around in a few months, but he’ll be gone in a few months too!

    Best thing to do it Just Wave as you see him passing by!

    bro terry

  5. It is needful for everyone to take a stand together against the actions of William Price. I can’t even count how many times I have wondered when this endless cycle would ever cease, but it is what it is….an endless cycle. Every single time he slithers his way back to the apostolic movement he always expect some type of pity party from apostolics. When he is withstood and reminded of his instability he all of a sudden wants everyone to forget about his past (which is still his present state).

    William Price thinks “attacking the opposing side’s doctrine” is called REPENTANCE. No! The problem is not the opposing side, the problem is WILLIAM PRICE. We will always have the opposing side until the Lord from heaven comes again, but William Price only has ONE SHOT to get it right just like all of us. The Messiah only died ONE TIME for all! If we crucify the SON OF GOD afresh we put Him to an open shame. Price thinks this is a doctrinal game that he can switch back and forth and always come back! That kind of instability makes the LORD sick, and if the Messiah vomits someone out of His mouth you can be guarantied He will not go back to His vomit again.

    Would America want a trader and a spy to fight on their army? William Price needs to be withstood. Jesus said unto His apostles “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever YOU SHALL BIND ON EARTH shall be BOUND IN HEAVEN: and whatsoever YOU SHALL LOOSE ON EARTH shall be LOOSED IN HEAVEN.” (Matthew 18:18)

    If the Ministry would declare William Price as bound on earth, he is also bound in heaven. So no matter where he wonders off to he is still bound in heaven because he was bound on earth. It would not matter what church he tried to visit, if he is bound in heaven, he will still be bound until he is loosed on earth! “Bind on EARTH” means bound on the entire planet not just in Houston, Texas!

    1. When is William Price ever going to stop playing the victim? This guy loves to speak evil about people he disagrees with and afterwards he always gets mental amnesia of all the evil he spoke, and plays the innocent victim in order to avoid taking correction for his actions. This storm and wind will pass once again. Just give it time.

  6. I doubt I’ll agree with much of your doctrine, but this stuff is the funniest stuff I’ve read about Waffle Boy.

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