William Price “OSCAR Award for the most popular Heretic”

I recently posted a article titled “William (The Flip Flop) Price: The True Story”, and in that article I exposed 17 years of William “The flip flop” Price ritual bipolar behaviors. I also made it logically clear Price past history declares it won’t be long before he has another episode. But as for now his psychotic symptoms are suppress by the pampering razor blade of Calvinism, and William Price had no sensitivity to the fact his esophagus has been slash by its falsehood.  Instead of repenting, reeking in his own blood, he lashes out at those that tried to help him reach a sound mind in the past. This is his normal bipolar behaviour I might add, he enjoys burning down bridges after he’s crossover them, only to renew his contractor license to rebuild those bridges after he have shook himself like Samson from his depressive illness.

In a desperate attempt to salvage whatever dignity Price supposedly thinks he has, he lashes out at the sound doctrine of holiness. This man is spiritually voiceless and suffers from violent flow of illusions, even worst, these illusion makes him believe he can talk intelligently about what knows nothing about, so to make himself seem intellectual he accuses those who believe in “Coming out” from among the world and lives different lifestyles heretics.  Where are his scriptural grounds for labeling holiness a heretical operation of man?  He has none. Furthermore William (The Flip Flop) Price, it’s amusing to see you calling even a genuine heretic a heretic you heretic. When and if there were such a OSCAR Award for the most popular Heretic you would win by a landslide for the most outstanding achievement. Moreover, Price your next reality show episode of “The bipolar heretic” is behind its regular scheduled program.

This Bipolar laboratory rat of all faiths has really out done himself with his accusations. But what else do you expect from a weak link that refuses to adhere to the sound medication of the word of God claiming to be cured of his bipolarism by his new found hellish doctrine called Calvinism. This is the same tactic against holiness Satan carried to Eve, only now he speaks through one of his psychotic ministers claiming to be God sent. Calvinism never save anyone, in fact Calvinism is the only religious practice William “Bipolar” Price converted too that he can finally call home.  Why so? Simple, followers of John Calvin doctrine really don’t know if they’re truly saved, since the LORD chooses whom he wills and refuses others. Therefore one could easy convert to Calvinism only to find out later they were never chosen. Even worst, one could live their whole life as a Calvinist and upon death fine out then God never called them. So you see, the hold religious structure is bipolar, so William you’re finally at home. So “RIP” William “Bipolar” Price.

Now, anyone that claiming we believe salvation by our own works is nothing short of a large dry bowl of fruit-loops. Anyone claiming we believe we can help God save us is a few fries short of a happy meal. Anyone claiming faith doesn’t produce works, catches a ride on a little yellow bus to his Janitorial employment. Anyone claiming we don’t have to keep God’s commandments to be saved is swimming in the shallow in of a drained pool.

We believe we are saved by the blood of the LORD Jesus, plain and simple. We don’t work to be saved, but, because we are saved we work. Therefore because I’m saved by the blood of Jesus, I don’t lie, because I’m saved by the blood of Jesus I don’t steal. Because I’m saved by the blood of Jesus I don’t continue walking in the sinful lustful passion that I’ve been set free from by the blood atonement of Christ Jesus. We believe it’s God that makes us Holy by the blood of Jesus and God keeps us holy by his word.


7 thoughts on “William Price “OSCAR Award for the most popular Heretic”

  1. William Price has switched back to the apostolic movement, and this is what he wrote on his blog:

    “And, to be honest, this was a leading of God upon my heart to return, because some of those in this precious faith are venomous vipers who are not even saved or sanctified, but instead loved to use my failings to prop up their own name. If I had paid attention to that young novice in Florida or his legalistic pastor, I would not have come back.”

    One thing about William Price is that he likes to play the victim, and NEVER likes to take responsibility for his railings on those that disagree with him. He seems to always have amnesia of all the venom that came out of his fangs when he was in heresy fighting against the truth. He hates for someone to remind him of his own words which he wrote with his own hand. It is good for him to see his own words so he could be a man, and repent of the ungodly things HE wrote. Instead, when he switches sides, his memory what he wrote about others switches as well.

    He has the nerve to call me a novice when he is not even worthy to be called a novice. Now William Price blames me for his doctrinal instability which is absolutely ridiculous. He has no one to blame but himself. He even called my pastor “legalistic.” Wow! I take that as a compliment. If he says we are legalistic, and if he is the opposite, wouldn’t that make him “illegalistic”?

    This is William Price’s way of trying to find some pity from people that don’t know his doctrinal instability, personal slander, and blasphemy against the gifts and works of God. William Price needs to repent for real, and stop trying to preach when he does not qualify to be a preacher.

    “I am no longer an ordained minister whatsoever, and now can sit down and concentrate on being grounded in true Christian doctrine and teaching.” William Price (10/25/2009 12:07 PM)

  2. I just have one question i hope you can answer:

    “Is man capable of understanding God and capable of desiring God without the help of God?”

    1. Carlos,

      I hope you understand the reason why I asked you my question. I asked you my question to get your theological wheels turning. If you were really a seeker of truth you would be able to answer my question without trying to make it fit the doctrine of Calvinism which illuminates willful ignorance, discernment, self will, and self denial from the similitude of God. Calvinist always like to focus on one side of the coin and leave the other undone. God has given man the ability to both submit ourselves unto Him or to reject Him altogether. This is why God created us with a CONSCIENCE. No choice, no conscience. Calvinists make humanity spiritually retarded.

      1. Nevarez,


        Thank you for answering my question.

        I do believe man can reject God, all on its own; it is a byproduct of God’s absence in man’s life. It is the natural road that man will take when God is absent. It is found in Romans 3, “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God.”

        Thanks for answering my question, there is no ill intent on my side.

        God Bless!

  3. Dear Carlos,

    No one can understand God without the help of God this isn’t the question or debate. The fact is there are heretics in the scriptures that were repeatedly warned about their behavior. William Price his been warned about his conduct on many occasions and this is why we are here. It’s one thing for a man not to understand a thing and another for the man to pretend he does. William Price his never confess to be ignorant, but just the opposite. I don’t have a problem with someone in search of truth. The problem derives when some claims they have understanding all the while switching their beliefs claiming each time they switch their in the truth. You know as well as I do Carlos every way isn’t the truth.

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