William (The Flip Flop) Price: The True Story

William (The Flip Flop) Price: a 33 year old American Janitor and a resident of State of Texas, just recently converted to Reformed Theology and now, (supposedly) attends the Mills Road Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. Bill (the flip flop) Price received his name honorable through the consistent flip flopping positions he has held as a Christian. Price a self-made minister begins a 17 year walk with God in the Pentecostal movement, and during this time he has flipped flopped on every doctrinal stand you could imagine.  Price’s list of behaviors and beliefs included: Oneness, Trinitarian, Pre Tribulation, Post-Tribulation, Preterist , Baptism in water in the name of Jesus, non-baptism in water, infilling of the Holy Ghost, non-filling of the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues, non-speaking in tongues, believing in prophecy, no more prophecy, tithing too no more tithing, modesty to immodesty.

I have this uncanny knack that someone can bring me into a belief, and in a few days, I can stand and support that belief with a comb of fine bristles. Oh yes, I can put on a good dog and pony show when I desire to fit in”.William (The Flip Flop) Price

William (The Flip Flop) Price admits most of his religious life he was never been anchored, never been saved and that he only recently (Jan 2009) found God. He also admitted he was nothing more then a hypocrite and had reached the end of the games. However, in the month of August 9, 2009, after he confess to be saved and submitted under the Reformed theology church Price was at it again, “

I am so sick and tired of running away from things. Two and a half years ago, I buried my Dad. This man I loved, though he was physically abusive to me, and abusive in many ways as well to my Mom. I had tried to fit in, and make myself an identity among people. I searched and searched for some meaning to the miserable existence I called a life, and as usual, i tried to find it in religion. I tried to fit in being Apostolic, and I could not. I went Apostolic Messianic, and I could not. I trie d preterism in all forms, liberal Christianity, and recently reformed theology. You want to know what I have come up with… The drama has ended, and I am so sick and tired of playing games”. William (The Flip Flop) Price

Price went on to announce his return to the same Apostolic cult he once renounced with a new article titled “Why Jesus Name Baptism” in which he wrote:

When God began bringing me back to the prophetic ministry, he did so in a method I had not expected. He allowed me to see the antinomianism among some of the Reformed churches. As I saw the lack of love for His commandments, I realized the terrible mistake I had made. Were all reformed believers in that boat? No, but when the leadership is, that makes a world of hurt. Anyway, because I loved His Word, I could not stand. All during this time, the Spirit was seeking for me to speak in tongues one more time. When I broke that Thursday, in my car at work, the Lord began restoring some things I had walked away from”.

“I said that to say this.
The reason I returned to Apostolic faith was because of scripture. Deuteronomy 6:4 is still as much in effect today as it was 4000 years ago when it was originally penned. God is one, and so is His name. In the New testament, God has revealed His name of Jesus. When Jesus said what he did in Matthew 29:19, He told the disciples to go in the name, singular. There has always been one name of God, though we have many titles and other names His characteristics are known by. But, the proof is God is one, and His name has been revealed to us in the name of Jesus”. William (The Flip Flop) Price

A few months later William (The Flip Flop) Price left the apostolic faith to return to the antinomianism among the Reformed churches, he returned to the lack of love for the commandments found in the leadership of the reformed cult.  Price said he left the Reformed churches to return to the Apostolic faith after the LORD spoke to him;

“Because I loved His Word, I could not stand. All during this time, the Spirit was seeking for me to speak in tongues one more time. When I broke that Thursday, in my car at work, the Lord began restoring some things I had walked away from”. – William (The Flip Flop) Price

If the LORD Jesus spoke to Price to return to the apostolic faith, who spoke to him to return to the Reformed churches months later? The truth is there are many voices speaking to this young man and it won’t belong before they begin speaking to him again leading him to leave the Reformed churches to even further reprobation. As a leader it is my duty to warning the church to reframe from men like Price. Just for clarity, on a conference call I spoke personally with Price in aid to reach out to help him. He replied;

There is nothing you can do Elder Clark this is my fight he when on to explain I know I’ve been up and down on many issues but I’ve repented and the LORD has forgiven me and I promise I’m stable now This conference call was over two years ago, which bring us here.

“I am not a man who has went to seminary, nor am I such a man that I would dare compare myself with great men. I simply know what I know, and I know what the Bible says, and this ministry will preach the Gospel of Christ, and proclaim New Covenant truths without compromise. As with the new look, the entire vision and focus of this ministry has changed, from law to grace, from death to life, and from that which was fulfilled and abolished to that which is life and eternal” William (The Flip Flop) Price

I’ve known William (The Flip Flop) Price for at-least 7 years and  he has never been without compromise, his nick name means compromise and with 17 years of drifting beneath his belt I doubt his methods have changed. This isn’t the first time Price converted to some belief and it surely won’t be his last. Beware of this man, water and sand is more secure to build a house on then William (The Flip Flop) Price standing on any doctrine.


5 thoughts on “William (The Flip Flop) Price: The True Story

  1. Is this the best you can do? Charlie at least made a whole blog about me. Wow! Thank you for the good adverts as well. You are strengthening my witness about what I was and who God has saved me to become! Thank you, and please continue on.

    One small correction. I am a Custodial Supervisor, not a Janitor, and I am attending MRBC. So, please feel free to change this so as to make it at least more up to date.

    Seriously, you guys crack me up. Please, keep it up. I need the laughs and encouragement of memory of what God has done for me.

    Also, be sure to check out my latest posting, or by the time you read this one of my latest posting, on the false holiness religion. Should help you see the errors of your philosophy.

  2. You call this advertisement? Truly you’re a twisted fellow with all the evidence I presented here about you, your only rely is that you’re a Custodial Supervisor, not a Janitor, and you actually attend MRBC. Boy you’re a work of art!

  3. He called this post “good adverts.” That means everything you wrote was true. William Price always had an addiction for attention, even as you quoted his words in your post. The “good dog and pony show” continues! He is just playing a different role. It’s a sad thing when someone plays a role so much that they actually become the character they are playing. He played the role so much that he got stuck!

  4. If it were not for the grace of God, WP would have blown his brains out a long time ago. I’m not sure he still doesn’t struggle with suicidal thoughts.

  5. I had come to know Mr. Price when he joined the forum The PuritanBoard. Mr. Price posted occasionally there and on several occasions professed his adherence to reformed theology. Having also left Pentecostalism for the reformed faith, I took an interest in some of Mr. Price’s writings on his blog. Unfortunately in only a few shorts months, I too saw Mr Price “flip-flop” back and forth between several denominations and beliefs. Most recently I checked in on Mr. Price’s blog and found that he was back (again) at ascribing to Apostolic Pentecostal Oneness doctrines. I left two separate comments on Mr. Price’s blog asking him what prompted his change from his reformed faith to his new faith. Both of my comments went ignored. Most recently (as of 11/28/10) when I went to check Mr Price’s blog to seem if he might have responded to my questions, I find his blog to no longer exist! At least its no longer at the previous URL so I have no idea what prompted Mr. Price to delete his entire blog which he appears to put significant work into. I must admit I am left wondering if I will find a new blog with a new belief system the next time I check in with the blog. I sincerely hope and pray Mr. Price would establish himself and in a sound church and quit being blown about by every wind of doctrine.

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