Atheist Billboards

Atheist Billboards are surfacing similar to roaches in a dark dirty kitchen on our city streets. I suppose by the message on the billboards they hope is to remind people it doesn’t take believing in God to be a good human being.

Now, why would a group of atheists care or suggest being good, even more, how do they define “Good”? The bible teaches there’s none “GOOD” not ONE, and Jesus said, really the only one “GOOD is God himself. But how does an atheist define what good is and why? They could vent its common sense. However, one atheist common good will always differs from another, and what may seem good to one atheist isn’t exactly a standard for all. So what is good? Good would have to be define as whatever seems right in their own eyes, which in the end will destroy themselves.

On the other hand, I agree, you don’t have to believe in God to be a good person. I personally know many good men and women with great morals that aren’t Christians or atheist. However, being a good quality people alone unfortunately just don’t cut it when were dealing with heaven.

I don’t have to be a Christian to be morally good, beside, how do anyone really know if your really mean good if you’re doing just because the bible says it”some atheist

Fortunately, the same atheistic logic can be used to express how no one knows if atheists are good “TAX” payers if they’re merely paying taxes based on the laws enforced on us. How do we know atheists are good law abiding citizens if they’re only being good citizens based on the laws put in place. Furthermore, while the Atheist Billboards convey “Don’t believe in God” there’s absolutely no difference if the Billboards read “Don’t believe in the Laws of the land”, since the laws enforced on use as citizen mimic those of the bible. I can only think underneath their attack against religions the atheistic movement true proposes is to undermine the government.

The Atheistic movement is one that thrives itself on the message of peace and title themselves as anti-war. Yet they declare war on religions, in my faith this is hypocrites at its best. Perhaps, I should investigate investing in Billboards that would convey “Image “NO” Atheist” and “YOU better believe you Atheist”!  For the sake of the Atheistic movement, I hope their right about God, because if they’re “NOT” burn baby burn.


2 thoughts on “Atheist Billboards

  1. I respect your beliefs, and I do not like that angry atheists attack religious people the way they do. However, I understand their viewpoint. Religious people are constantly trying to change their beliefs intruding on their freedom. Organized religion can cause a lot of problems. I know far too many people who think they can do whatever they want and just get into heaven for believing. Why not be a good person for the sake of believing in yourself? Good people will not feel good about themselves unless they are good people as well, and those that are not should be shunned by society until they understand, not accepted into churches where they can corrupt people.

    And atheists tend to be pretty decent. Just look at the rate of atheists amongst the prison population:

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