Uncovering the Undercover “Men”

Published by Elder K. Clark

This article was written to unleash an investigation to uncover the Undercover “Men” in the churches.  My associates and I have proclaimed this investigation to exposes the undercover men to be no more then deceivers of truth.  Perhaps at first glance our investigation may seem worthless or pointless to some.  Nevertheless we assure all that this investigation is indeed necessary to uncover the undercover men stealth like behavior gone undetected by the majority. One of the reasons we decided to launch this international investigation. We realize that the undercover men are misleading people through emotionalism. Thus we believe with the evidence brought forth from this investigation will not only enlighten you to the emotionalism promoted by the men, but also show how  innocence people through their emotionalism have been deceived.

Emotionalism is a term I use to express how certain people support whether something is biblically accurate or not strictly base on how they feel rather then what the bible actually states. Thus, if it feels good then it has to be true.

emotionalism is found in the book of Judges when a time arose that there was no king in Israel, and so every man did that which was right in his own eyes. In the writings of the prophet Solomon he writes; There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

The Apostle Paul in his letter to the church in Roman said “Whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope”. This investigation isn’t against having emotions, for it is apparent that we are emotional creators. However, as the Apostle Paul stated, our emotions has to be lead by what is written if we are to determine true judgment of what is right and wrong. Our own emotions and feeling can consequently deceive us, but when we allow the word of God to lead us, our emotions can take comforted and have hope that we aren’t being lead the wrong way.

This is very important when uncovering the Undercover “Men” in the local and international churches. Because Emotionalism is linked to Humanism, and Humanism is almost always linked to Atheism. Humanism is a very dangerous deception which teaches how truth is found simply in us, and it’s up to us to determine what truth is. This is actually what happened in the book of Judges when a time arose that there was no king in Israel, and so every man did that which was right in his own eyes. Humanism is really emotionalism, which is to rely on ones own feeling to determine truth. Humanism is almost all the time connected with Atheism and Atheism is a disbelief in or denial of the existence of God. If you’re really biblically savvy, you’ve already connected dotes and see the picture of how emotionalism can deceive God’s people to become Atheist.

Emotionalism teaches people to do that which seem right unto them, disregarding God, and every time God is ignored an Atheist is born. “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.” For this reason, we have unleashed this investigation to uncover the Undercover “Fools” that are pushing humanism in the churches birthing Atheist.

Atheism denial of the existence of God also causes them to deny the principles found in creationism, and this is the super error of the undercover men as they teach emotionalism above the bible. The undercover men deny the bible principles of creation and this is a very important part of understanding why we must uncover these undercover men in their actions of promoting anti-creationist. We have taken the stand to reject emotionalism and to let God be true and emotionalism a lie. I am sure you are desperately wondering, who are these Undercover “Men”? Well the answer is quite simply. The true identities of the undercover men reveal that the men are really women. Surprised? Not all women, but Women preachers to be exact, male impersonators I call them, working fraud by assuming the appearance of anointed men of God copying their manners or expressions like mimes.

For this cause our investigation took its course to uncover the Undercover “Men” in the churches and to prove to the church that all women operating in the offices of a Pastor, teacher, Apostle, Prophet or an Evangelist is nothing more then a spiritual man and no better then a transvestite with an emotional personal testimony deceiving many.

An emotional personal testimony doesn’t father facts of truth; all testimonies must align themselves with what is written in the scriptures otherwise it will lead people to disregard God and birth humanism and atheism. This investigation says enough to our churches being treated like a gay bar catering to an exclusive revelation of emotions promoted by women preachers. This investigation says enough to women taking center stage spiritually dressed as men singing “Its raining wo-man Hallelujah”, while their male supporter (dressed spiritually as women) cheer Amen. This investigation says enough and No more to homosexual acts of these women.

This investigation says enough to women preachers being out of order and manufacturing queers and weak men by the thousands. This investigation says enough to women preachers failing to condemn the acts of homosexuality, because they are also founded in the same lifestyle spiritually every time she stands in the position to teach men from the scriptures. This investigation says enough to men ordaining women to preach and claiming to be God lead. This investigation says enough to the confusion and violence the women preacher’s movement has cause in the headship and leadership ordain by the Lord in creation by forming “MAN” first and not the woman.

Creation plays a very important part in understanding the present roles of the man and the woman, and for anyone to be pro-women a preacher is to be anti-creation. This is the very reason I brand women that preach as undercover men, because every time they stand in the positions of men claiming to be sent by God they deceive many to act against creation.  Anti-creation is ultimately an attempt to deny that God is the origin of all things. Thus women preachers and their supporters teach an evolutionary indoctrination of emotionalism where by they influence others to become anti Christ.

This atheistic type behavior has blind them to the headship and leadership ordain by the Lord in creation by forming “MAN” first and not the woman.

The authority for women to preach is not found in the scriptures but in a bed of emotional rubbish. There is absolutely no scriptural foundation for women acting the part of a pastor, prophet, teacher, apostle or evangelist and every attempt too by men or women proves to violate the scriptures.

Thus, the purpose of this article is to uncover the fact that these women have manage to seize these position without the biblical permission by taken the anointed word of God and anointed it with their own emotions and promoting it as truth.


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