The Diagnostics of “ADDS” in the Church

Publish by Elder K. Clark

This article was written as a warning of the possibility of a widespread deadly disease circulating in the churches. This article objective is to raise the red flag of awareness to give the church the proper guidelines to identify the strong symptoms of this deadly disease.  We have concluded that the symptoms can be undetectable for years leaving the possibility of treatments ineffective. Therefore, if the church you attend has come in contact with this fatal disease please seek immediate attention.

We are categorizing this disease by the name ADDS. ADDS stands for Apostles Doctrine Deficiency Syndrome. This dangerous disease without warning kills thousands of churches hourly. But we have taken a strong position to enlighten the churches with the guidelines given in this article to detect the symptoms that have lead to the tragic deaths in the local churches.

The cause of (ADDS) is now known to be due to a long-term deficiency of the Apostles biblical guidelines, practices and regulations in the churches. ADDS is known to be a transmitted disease through fellowship and compromise. ADDS is a very dangerous phenomenon and it is highly recommended once diagnose the church seek immediate attention to prevent the removal of the candlestick (spirit of God) out of it place.

Heretics were commonly responsible for the cause of ADDS, but the virus has now reached throughout churches that once held steadfast to the Apostles doctrine. ADDS breaks down the Apostles Doctrine by (AFI) a false interpretation. Once the Apostles doctrine is broken down by (AFI), the protected system preserved to help the church fight against sin is left defenseless. ADDS, is a deadly but pain free disease attacking the spiritual eyes, feelings and consciences, again, we highly recommended once diagnose the church seek immediate attention to prevent sudden death.

Description of Symptoms

There’re a large group of symptoms, so please take note of the following indications, one or more of these symptoms found in the churches can possible be a sign of a serious case of ADDS

  • (HIO) Homosexuals in offices
  • (WP) Women Preachers
  • (T) Trinity Doctrine
  • (PGIG) Prosperity (gain is godliness)
  • (SP) Sinner’s prayer
  • (AC) Altar Calls
  • (CH) Celebrating Holidays
  • (PTD) Pre-Tribs Doctrine
  • (P) Preterits
  • (OSAS) Once save always save
  • (A) Alogi
  • (J) Judaism
  • (SBR) Save by race
  • (URM) Unlawful remarriage
  • (SK) Sabbath keeping
  • (W) Worldliness
  • (FM) Forbidding to marry
  • (DL) Dietary Laws
  • (LOT) Laws to observe Times
  • (URM) Un-ordained ministers
  • (Rap) Rappers
  • (PRD) Praise dancers
  • (RJ) Rejecters of Hell
  • (A) Astrology

Be careful to consider the symptoms shows here, you could be at serious risk.  ADDS develops rapidly, killing the electrical activity of brain spiritually paralyzing its victims. This article has the potential to become the most important weapon in the diagnostics Apostles Doctrine Deficiency Syndrome. Significantly enough, this phenomenon doesn’t have to be your end. There is a cure, renounce all falsehood and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and be clean, and may the LORD of Glory keep you and present you holy before his coming. Amen


3 thoughts on “The Diagnostics of “ADDS” in the Church

  1. Other recently spotted symptoms:

    (FT) -False Tongues
    (NT) – No Tongues
    (HGBD) – Holy Ghost Baptism Deniers
    (DOM) – Deniers of Miracles
    (BUFS) – Baptism Unnecessary For Salvation
    (OA) – Outward adorners: make-up & jewelry wearers
    (IAW) – Immodest Apparel Wearers
    (WPU) – Women Praying Uncovered
    (IIIC) – Idol Images In Church. Examples: crosses, statues, fish symbols

  2. Praise King Jesus! ADDS is rampant in the so-called churches today, but all praise be unto the Most High God that we found the antidote called HOLINESS!! Once HOLINESS is injected into the veins it will destroy everything that is not sound doctrine that originates from GOD. Too many people dying of ADDS, and we have the New Covenant cure found within the pages of Scripture without a generic private interpretation.

  3. Celebrating Holidays is a sin? Not according to the Holiday of Purim. This is in the Book of Ester. Oh, and notice that they gave gifts to people.

    This is a man made holiday, and this holiday is not condemned by God.

    Oh, and Woman are covered…their hair is there covering…however, men dishonors their head if they wear a covering (Pope).

    1 Corinthians 11:15-16
    15 But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.

    16 But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God.


    Once saved always saved is in the Bible.

    Pretrib Doctrine is in the Bible. Rapture happens before GREAT TRIB (Revelation 7). Rapture is in the Bible.

    In regards to women teaching:

    This teaching is a challenge to those who believe that women are not allowed to teach, biblically speaking.

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