The Prophet like unto Moses

Published by Elder K. Clark

This article is the result of a conversation I had with a Muslim over whether Muhammad is found in the bible. This discussion start with the Muslim fellow asserting that Moses prophecy of the prophet like unto himself is fulfilled in Muhammad.

1. Moses had a father and a mother, Like Muhammad.
2. Moses had a normal birth, Like Muhammad.
3. Moses was married and begot children, Like Muhammad.
4. Moses was accepted by his people, as a messenger of God, Like Muhammad.
5. Moses did have a (Kingdom here on earth), or shall I say had the power to inflict capital punishment….. So do Muhammad.
6. Moses and Muhammad died a natural death… so did Muhammad.
7. Moses and Muhammad are buried in the earth. –A certain Muslim

Brother, if the qualifications you gathered are the fulfillment of Moses prophecy, you just made just about every prophet in the bible the fulfillers of the prophet like unto Moses. Almost every prophet in the bible had a father and a mother a normal birth married and begot children, accepted by his people had the power to inflict capital punishment died a natural death and buried in the earth. So why does Muhammad have to be the prophet like unto Moses? Why not Joshua? Why not Samuel or David? Obviously, Moses was talking about more then those simple traits.

1. Moses and Jesus were from Israel.
2. Moses was sent by God, and so was Jesus
3. Moses was born under a foreign government, so was Jesus
4. Moses life was threatened as a child, so was Jesus.
5. Moses went into Egypt at the command of God, so did Jesus
6. Moses came out of Egypt at the command of God, so did Jesus
7. Moses rejected earthly status, and so did Jesus
8. Moses fasted 40 days in the wilderness, so did Jesus.
9. Moses performed miracles, so did Jesus.
10. Moses had power over the sea; Jesus had power over the sea.
11. Moses face shone with the glory of God, Jesus face, body and clothing shone with the glory of God.
12. Moses was in the direct presence of God, so was Jesus.
13. Moses spoke directly to God, so did Jesus.
14. Moses gave the people a covenant, Jesus gave a covenant.
15. Moses was a shepherd of people, Jesus was Shepherd of people.
16. Moses gave beard; Jesus was the bread from heaven.
17. Moses was a mediator, Jesus is a mediator.
18. Moses body can’t be found (according to the bible), Jesus body can’t be found.
19. Moses sent out seventy men, Jesus sent out seventy men.
20. Moses accurately prophecy about the future, and so did Jesus.
21. Moses feed thousands, Jesus feed thousands.
22. Moses deal with the people sins, Jesus forgave sin.
23. The News of Moses spread abroad, the news of Jesus spread abroad.
24. Moses was looked down on by his family, so was Jesus.
25. Moses was faithful to God, so was Jesus.
26. Moses sent twelve spies, Jesus sent twelve messengers into the world.

I can proceed in power comparing Moses to Jesus and continue to prove how Jesus was that prophet whom Moses and the other prophet spoke about would come.




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