The Divine Roles

Publish by Elder K. Clark

There is a warning of cautiousness to every nation in which the roles of the men and women are reversed. This kind of certain collapse in the family structure is a sure sign of a declining people. It always confounds me to see how many churches are so unaware of this simple fact  moved to stand on their own emotions and feelings rather then what’s written in the Holy Scriptures. In the last 15 years the church have seen an enormous declining in biblical standards and I suggest the root of the decline stems from the collapses in church roles. While schools and the educational system falls , crime, violence, porn and homosexuality is on the rise, and as extreme as it may seem, just over the last 50 years there has been a great decline in the standards in the over all structure  of the American homes.   The roles of the men and the women in the homes are a direct reflection on our general world today. Once the roles of men and women start declining the structure of the churches are soon to follow and the church will continue to fall prey to the pains of homosexuality. But what else do people expect when the fathers and the mothers are switching roles and women are allowed to lead as men and the men submit to them like women? This melt down within is only the beginning; from this the churches will unfortunately be forced to ordination homosexual in to the leadership in the church community.

God himself ordain these roles from the beginning and setting a standard for all to obey. Thus the standard remains, God created MAN first then Eve. Likewise God gave the church the same principle through the second man Adam (Christ). Christ was created first and after he had falling asleep the bride (Church) was formed. We have two super examples, one earthly and one spiritual, either way the woman was made second and subject to the man. Both examples are the beginning of a people, one earthly and one spiritual and yet the men are set as the leaders and not the women. Did God make a mistake? No. Therefore the two divine examples are our foundation. They teach us the understanding and the importance of the roles, and that salvation doesn’t cancel the order of the roles in the churches but rather salvation gives them their true purpose.

These examples are the principle of the structure of our homes and churches today. The apostle Paul received a great revelation in the letter to the Ephesians on this very topic, and in his epistle he revealed that godly men are to love their wives as Christ loved the church, and the holy women are to submit to their husband as the church submits to the Christ. Hence, men are to resemble Christ and women ought to resemble the church as did the first family. Now if any one cares to reject the foundation of creation which places man first and then the woman I suggest you stop reading at this point.

On the other hand, for those that understand the basic principal of creation continue reading you should have no problem comprehending the rest of this article. The first man Adam was a shadow of the second man Adam which is Christ. “It was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.” So the natural order came first to prepare us for the spiritual. The first man Adam was a symbol of the coming of Christ, and Eve was a symbol of the coming church, and by Adam and Eve the whole earth would be populated, and by Christ and the church the Kingdom of God would be populated. Notice the first family was in paradise which is a symbol of salvation or heaven, and yet the man was still considered the head and not the woman. Again salvation doesn’t cancel the roles of the man and the woman but set the standard, while condemning all that will defy it purpose. It was sin that disrupted the first family. Adam sinned after he listens to the voice of his wife.

Therefore every born again man is a figure of Christ, and every born again woman is a figure of the Church, whether at home, super-Wal-Mart, or at the church assembly they both do show forth that Christ is indeed head of the church and that the church is subject to him through their actions. If the woman holds the authority in the church or home over the man she denies creation that places Christ as the head of the Church. Rather in her prideful actions she confesses that the church (the bride) is the head of Christ. Are today’s women better then the Bride of Christ, or better then Eve the mother of all living?

Furthermore, can the Bride of Christ at any time teach Christ? If no, then why do we allow women (the image of the church) to preach to and hold authority over men who is the image of Christ? Can the bride of Christ hold authority over the man Christ Jesus? Of course not, that would be blasphemy. Do you see the simplicity of the principle and the structure of the roles of the man and the woman? Men aren’t allowed to be Asst pastors, deacon, or lay members while their wives, mothers, sisters, or aunt pastor’s them; least they deny that they were created first and are the image and glory of God. Every born again man, must take off the dresses and skirts cut his hair and take his place as teacher and authority as the image of God.

Deuteronomy 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

The above verse confirms the points I’m making. It doesn’t allow cross dressing, which is to say, a man shouldn’t put of the role of the woman and the woman shouldn’t put of the role of the man. This would altogether lead to spiritual homosexuality, which is in itself a whole new bag of dirt laundry. Born again women and men shouldn’t cross roles for God created Adam first and then Eve. These divine roles don’t change because we are saved, instead they are perfected.


Elder K. Clark


One thought on “The Divine Roles

  1. Who was the FIRST to PROCLAIM the GOSPEL? What is the Gospel? Part of the Gospel is that Jesus ROSE FROM THE DEAD!

    It was WOMEN that first proclaimed to the MEN that Jesus rose from the dead. The WOMEN taught the MEN the Gospel. Did the men tell the women to shut up, that they had no authority to speak, and then resume in their sulking? I think not.

    I think that your rigid perspective needs to be dissected again. Many read the same Bible as you, that woman are not to teach, and yet, the same states that they taught. Hmmmm.

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