Ancient heretics of the faith

Published by Elder K. Clark

This article is the result of a conversation I had with a Muslims over whether our religion and service to God is the original faith of the bible. The Muslim fellow made mention of the following groups which he called Christians of the bible. I then relied with the research below which proved the groups he mentions were in-fact heretics and oppose the true faith of the Lord Jesus and his apostles.

The Ebonies

The Ebonies believe that Jesus was begotten by Joseph the husband of Mary and that Jesus was just a mere man. While some Ebonite’s held Jesus to be a spirit in human form, they all deny the prophet Isaiah “Behold, a virgin woman shall conceive, and bring forth a son”. The Ebonite’s only regarded the writing of Matthew (in part) with the Law of Moses. Ebonites were law keepers, but the term Ebonite used today didn’t evolve until 150 years after the Church was already establish. Ebonites believes Jesus is died and is lying in a tomb somewhere and there’re in search to prove that Jesus is still died. Now if the Ebonies are correct, then Mohammed was wrong for teaching the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and the ascension of the Messiah.

The Ebonies is heretical religion on the premise that they deny the virgin birth of the Messiah and his ascension. Is this what you call true Christianity?

The Arianism

“As a priest in Alexandria, Arius taught (c.318) that God created, before all things, a Son who was the first creature, but who was neither equal to nor coeternal with the Father. According to Arius, Jesus was a supernatural creature not quite human and not quite divine”. – Colunbia Encyclopedia

“Arianism is most commonly used to refer to the theological positions made famous by the theologian Arius (c. AD 250-336), who lived and taught in Alexandria, Egypt, in the early 4th century.”  Colunbia Encyclopedia

Arianism started 2nd century after the church beginning teaching that “Jesus was a supernatural creature not quite human and not quite divine”. Sounds like superman!! They taught that Jesus was created before creation and later put in the womb of Mary. Is this what you call real Christianity? This wasn’t a teaching held by the Church doing the 1st century.  However this doctrine is found in the Quran. Mohammed himself claim saying; I am the beginning of all creation and the last prophet.” “I was a prophet of Allah while Adam was still being molded in clay.”

In the quotes of Mohammed he claims to be in the beginning with before all creation. Do you believe this? Of courses you do. Isn’t Mohammed claiming to be a God? Yes he is!

The Religion of Cerinthus

He believed in one Supreme Being; but denies the one supreme God created all things. He believes that all things were created by angles and these creator angels were unaware of any of the existence of the Supreme God. Like the Ebonies, Cerinthus believe that Jesus was begotten by Joseph the husband of Mary and that Jesus was just a mere man. He also believed that Christ descended upon the man Jesus at the baptism of John and remains with Jesus until his dead on the cross, in which, he (the Christ) when back into heaven leaving the man Jesus on earth. So say Cerinthus taught the Jesus will rise from the grave in the last day. Now is this true Christianity?  Mohammed ever taught this foolishness.

The Religion of Marcion

The view for which Marcion was most soundly criticized was not only that he denied any connection between the Old and New Testaments but that he also rejected the Old Testament in its entirety. The God of the Old Testament, his studies led him to assert, was a God of Law and Judgment, completely different from the God of Love and Mercy, the Father of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the New Testament. The former, “Creator God,” held mankind in a deceitful grasp from which the “Redeemer God” sought, through the mission of Jesus, to save him.

What made Marcion further distinct from those who have sought to ‘recover’ the authentic Jesus, was that he believed that while the universe was created by Yahweh, the God behind Jesus and his teachings is not the same as the universal creator, this position has led many in orthodox branches to label his teachings Gnostic, as they make use of the concept of the Demiurge and a Docetic Christ.

He rejected the birth of Christ believing Christ was made from the elements. But he believed Christ’s putative passion and death was the work of the Demiurge, (God of the Old Testament) who, in revenge for Christ’s abolition of the Jewish law delivered Him up to hell. But even in hell Christ overcame the Demiurge (God of the Old Testament) by preaching to the spirits in Limbo, and by His Resurrection He founded the true Kingdom of the Good God (God of the NEW Testament). Marcionites believed that in Limbo Christ brought salvation to Cain, Core, Dathan and Abiron, Esau, and the Gentiles, but left in damnation all Old Testament saints.

Marcion denied the resurrection of the body, “for flesh and blood shall not inherit the Kingdom of God”, and denied the second coming of Christ to judge the living and the dead, for the good God, being all goodness, does not punish those who reject Him; He simply leaves them to the Demiurge, who will cast them into everlasting fire. – The New Advent Encyclopedia

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