“The *Sons* of Pride”

Pride the author of every evil work the enemy of all humility successfully birth conceited men daily by convincing them of their own self importance. These “sons” of pride or often first esteemed as notable leaders in our local church communities riding undetected most of the time under the titles pastors, teachers, evangelist , prophets or apostles. Nevertheless, several of these leaders have fallen prey to the voice of pride promising them power, fame, wealth, and a name in exchange for worship.

Observe the statements I made, they were “first esteemed as notable leaders” but have “fallen prey”. These sons of conceit resemble the ministry of Saul the King of Israel who was filled with humbleness in the beginning and was positioned over the house of the LORD and received revelation and understanding. But doing his rule pride presented itself offering him power, fame, wealth, and a name in exchange for worship

Likewise these “Sons” of arrogance (once good men) were also positioned over the houses of the LORD and received revelations and understanding only to be snared by pride. They ramp and rave “It’s for the Kingdom”. But who’s kingdom, their own? These men are intoxicated with pride driven fiercely out of control having no voice of reason except it offers them the pleasure of seeing others plummet. They pulsated off others failures driven with thrill to look down on others misfortunes esteeming themselves to be of some better-value.

These men think too much of themselves resulting in their extremely judgmental and critical state of mind. In their eyes, everyone else remains novices, unlearn, uneducated and in need of guidance preferably by them. In their minds there is no understanding out side of their own circle and only their congregation of two and a handful of followers will be saved. They’re the only ones God called, the only ones with understanding, the only ones being sent and the only ones with a name.

These sons of haughtiness stand emotionless when they speak evil of good men labeling them as dogs, wolfs, reprobates and condemning them to hell. They have no remorse when they curse the churches of the living God by marking them as houses of dogs and waste camps. They lose no sleep after they stand in the pulpit and afflict the humble with their mouth. And after they’ve done working such evil these sons of self-manage turn to play the wounded. Constantly (in their own minds) complain about being the victim of robbery and sarcasm, often pretends to lose motivation and interest to working for the LORD just to receive emails and phone calls from others begging them not to surrender, only to steal God’s glory.

These sons of self-glory have mastered the art of playing the victim and through their mastery convert strays, wanders, drifters, and the churchless. These outcast snared by the sons of haughtiness will soon become nothing more then puppets, and trophies of the pride to be showboated on the internet meat market. These sons of self-glory will unfortunately go the length traveling the seas to pimp the innocent when they boast about their own accomplishments.

Who should fear these sons of self-exaltation blowing their own horns of achievements? Should I, should you? Hogwash! Why should I fear high-minded men that intentionally exploit the name of the LORD aiming to make others submit to their lust of pride and power? Why should anyone be alarmed of men that teach repentance but don’t have a conscience of repentance before or after they’ve been confronted? These sons of self-righteousness are locomotives fueled by their own steam masquerading under the name of the LORD.

These “sons” of pride just as Saul the King have no idea when to step down but remain teachers that can’t be taught, instructors that can’t be instructed, they rebuke that can’t be rebuked. They correct but they can’t be corrected. They are in the Law but above the law believing them-selves to be in the best position to judge, and mock others. These “sons” of self-promotion will never repent of the pride of being their own biggest fan. They are both the entertainer and the audience. They’re their own pep rally convinced that their pride is an anointing from God almighty.

These sons of selfishness, will continue to act like children pouting about it’s mine , it’s mine, it’s mine, give it back, give it back, you can’t have it. This egotistical behavior proves their mission was never intended to glorify the LORD. These sons of know-it-all will read this article and instead of repenting of their error empowered by the spirit of pride will write their own article fulfilling everything written here.

Thus there is simply more hope for a fool than for a proud person. You’re almost forced to have pity on these sons of “look-at-me”, I started it, I received it first, and I was the first. It was me that begin it. I’m the man of God and God sent me, but I just can’t give these sons of self-pity the satisfaction.

Identifying a “son” of pride doesn’t take long just listen to the conversations which will always begin and end with “THEM” with an occasional mention of God. Their behavior is always in a superior tone having no idea when to stop talking about them-selves and let another man praise them.

The artical was written on the behalf of the church remain humble.




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